…to support a blog?

I know. I know. Everything on the internet is supposed to be free.

But I’m going to stand on my head and suggest that you pay a little.


You see, designing and hosting a nice blog like this isn’t free. That’s why so many blogs and websites carry advertising. They’re not just trying to make money hand over fist. They’re trying first of all to cover their expenses. Some mystery web wizard somewhere put it all together and he has to pay the bills too.

So here are some good reasons to subscribe to this blog:

  1. It helps evangelize. The internet and social media are a tool to reach thousands of people worldwide easily and cost effectively.
  2. Personal contacts and personal stories are the best form of evangelization. A blog like this is not only international in its reach, but it remains personal. That’s why I pulled back from Patheos and have pulled back from writing for Aleteia and CRUX–because they were impersonal and (it must be said) increasingly bland. Personal has zip and character.
  3. You can have your say. Donor-Subscribers can use the comment box and be involved in the discussion with others worldwide.
  4. It is amazingly cost effective. I’d like to reach a target of 110 subscribers. That’s not many of the thousands of readers who come here. So we need only about 40 more to reach that target. Those who do subscribe are not just buying something for themselves. They are helping to keep the blog alive for thousands more who can’t or won’t subscribe.
  5. It is inexpensive. The introductory offer is just $8.95 per month. That’s less than $2.25 a week which works out at about 30 cents a day. Three dimes. Really. You can’t afford it?
  6. This helps our family income. I don’t often publicize this, but as a married priest with four kids I don’t take anything more from my parish ministry than a celibate priest receives. Therefore my writing and speaking is an extra revenue stream for our family. Not begging, but pointing out that your subscription helps make this possible.
  7. There will be added elements to the blog soon. I am planning a podcast series on the history of the Catholic Church which will be free to subscribers, and will continue adding archived articles. The subscription page outlines the other advantages you receive by subscribing.
  8. You get involved. The internet is a passive playground. We’re used to anonymity and everything being free and we wander around the internet like a bored shopper at the mall. When you subscribe you get committed to coming here regularly, and that’s a good thing because you’re a little bit more involved
  9. Web wizards and their kids get hungry…
  10. Because I asked, and it says “Ask and you shall receive!” If I’ve convinced you, go here to subscribe