I don’t know if you know, but my book Slubgrip Instructs is now available as an audio book.

Here’s why it makes an excellent audio book: because it is dramatic. You see, the demon Slubgrip has been demoted to teach Popular Culture 101 in Bowelbages University. The book is set out as a Lent book and every day in Lent old Slubgrip calls the students to order and lectures them on how to worm their way into the popular culture and undermine it as a termite undermines a wooden house and how a tapeworm eats into your body.

Not nice.

But in addition to Slubgrip’s reptilian lectures he is also working to overthrow the university administration and take over. Will his fiendish plans succeed?

There’s more. Every weekend different demonic cast members take the stage–all who play a part in undermining the culture. There’s the corrupt politician tempter, the TV preacher tempter, the Hollywood siren tempter and more.

And Fr Longenecker (frustrated actor that he is) plays all the parts.

The whole thing is tremendously bad-good fun and very instructive because it is based on my presentation about the twelve isms that undermine our faith.

The brilliance of an audio book download is you can listen on your smart phone, channel it through your car or your computer–your headphones for personal listening or a speaker for a whole group.

You can purchase the audio book here on Amazon, but hey. Why buy it?

There’s a special offer.

I have free copies to give away.

If you sign up as a Donor Subscriber during February (and this applies to anyone who has already become a Donor-Subscriber this month) I’ll send you the details of how you can download the audio book version of Slubgrip Instructs completely free of charge.

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