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Welcome to Standing on My Head

I started blogging in 2006 when blogs were something new. I wanted to stand things on their head in a Chestertonian spirit but figured the material was unlikely to get published elsewhere. I was surprised when the blog readership took off, so I kept going– considering it to be a ministry in the new media.

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Standing on My Head

“A scene is often most clearly seen when it is seen upside down.” G.K.Chesterton

Pachamama, Witchcraft and Women’s Ordination

Over the weekend I commented on the Pachamama phenomenon over at The Stream and ended by saying as the 21st century unfolds Pachamama may prove to be a greater threat to the Catholic faith than Islam. In contrast, Christianity makes specific claims. Because God took human form in Jesus Christ, Christians believe particular historical events are important. Therefore particular doctrines must be believed and a particular moral code must be observed. This particularity is, by definition, exclusive. Jesus said it himself, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” That

October 29th, 2019|7 Comments

A Married Priest Asks: Do Marriage and Priesthood Have to Clash?

In the wake of the suggestion that Pope Francis will approve the ordination of some older married men I've been asked yet again to write about the issue of married priests. I am somewhat weary of the subject to be honest, but as one of the few married Catholic priests in the world I guess I ought to weigh in. But in saying that, I have weighed in over the years quite a lot. This post over at my Patheos blog gives links for a number of articles I wrote about the issue over there. Click away and read all

October 28th, 2019|2 Comments

Mary Mama at the Closing Mass of Amazonian Synod

I'm surprised that no one else has commented on the large and beautiful image of the Blessed Virgin Mary that appeared in St Peter's for the closing Mass of the Amazonian synod. It is pictured here in front of the left front pillar of the baldacchino. This statue is not usually there. In fact, curiously, I'm not aware of any major image of the Blessed Mother featured prominently in St Peter's. For that matter, in many of the Roman churches you don't see a prominent Mary statue. I'd be interested to study this fact further. Either way, the image that

October 28th, 2019|0 Comments

The Pachamama Problem

People still biting their nails over the Pachamama statues. So I took a moment to review the options to help folks think it through. The huge problem about the statues is the ambiguity that surrounded them. Nobody seemed quite sure what to say. There were lots of weasel words and double speak. Then the Pope came out on Friday and used the name "Pachamama" for them. But then his handlers bounced back and said, "He was just using that name because everybody would sort of know which statues he was referring to but he didn't mean it really and remember

October 27th, 2019|4 Comments

The Future Church Episode 9 – Summary

If you are concerned about the Amazonian Synod, the confusion in the church and the tumult in the world, you ought to listen to my podcast on John Allen's The Future Church. John wrote this important book ten years ago. He tracks ten trends in the world that are going to affect the Catholic Church in the 21st century. We are now ten years into his predictions and my analysis takes you through and explains the ten trends and how they explain what is happening in the world and in the church today. I recorded this podcast as a sequel to my

October 25th, 2019|0 Comments

Why Paganism and Pentecostalism are Popular

You really ought to listen to my podcast on John Allen's book The Future Church if you want to understand what the heck is going on in the Catholic Church in our times. The fact is, we're going through a time of huge transition in many ways, and you'd better buckle your seat belts because it's going to be a bumpy ride. You can listen to the abridged version of the podcasts at BreadBox media. They have most of the basic information, but the full length version of each episode is here on the blog for Donor Subscribers. One of John Allen's

October 25th, 2019|0 Comments

Correcting Fr Martin….Yet Again Again Again

Slippery Jim is at it again. This is his latest controversial tweet: Interesting: "Where the Bible mentions [same-sex sexual] behavior at all, it clearly condemns it. I freely grant that. The issue is precisely whether the biblical judgment is correct. The Bible sanctioned slavery as well and nowhere attacked it as unjust.. — James Martin, SJ (@JamesMartinSJ) October 23, 2019 This question  (and line of reasoning) came up a few years ago when I was writing for CRUX. Margery Eagan, who was the spirituality columnist at The Boston Globe’s Crux website, posed a question about homosexuality in this column. Listening

October 24th, 2019|7 Comments

The Myth of the Noble Savage

I can't help feeling that the agenda of the Amazon Synod is driven not only by concern for the environment, but also by a sentimental attitude to the indigenous peoples. The idea of the "noble savage" has been around for a long time, and this fascinating article goes into the history of the concept. I won't bore you with the details. Those who are interested can follow the link. Suffice it to say that the idea of the noble savage really took off as European colonialism expanded. Wherever they went, the Europeans discovered indigenous peoples and they had to decide

October 20th, 2019|2 Comments
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