24weekfetusCenter for Medical Progress has released their fourth video today, and it follows the gruesome reality shown in the third video on Tuesday.

In today’s film the Planned Parenthood doctor discusses how they deal with “compensation” to make sure the public relations look good. She assures the “buyers” that the Planned Parenthood lawyers are working hard to ensure that they will not get caught for what they are doing.

The graphic section of the video includes more footage of clinicians picking through the remains of an unborn child. You hear a cracking sound. It was the sound of a tiny skull cracking.

“There’s a brain.” they say. As they poke through, “There’s the stomach, liver. Here’s an eyeball? Do you need eyeballs?” Really.

It gets worse. As they poke through one says about the quality of specimens, “Five stars!” and laughs.

Another says, “It’s a boy!”

The main news media, of course, have adopted a blackout on this story. To my knowledge, Fox News is the only major network or media outlet to have reported on Tuesday’s video and I expect today’s will be similarly ignored.

It is important, therefore that we spread the video with emails, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media as far and as fast as possible.