The campaign to stop Obama speaking at Notre Dame commencement is gathering pace. Tonight over 45,000 people have signed the petition asking ND to disinvite this most pro abortion President from speaking and receiving an honorary degree.

We invite you to sign the petition here. I would also ask you, if you are a blogger, to link to this site and encourage your readers to sign. At this site you will also be given email and postal addresses for your involvement.

If you are a non-Catholic reading this blog, network this through to our separated brothers and sisters who share with us the horror at the crime of abortion in our land. Please ask them to sign the petition and voice their own views.

If I were not a Catholic Christian I would get involved and write to Fr Jenkins thus: “Dear Fr Jenkins, I am not a Catholic, but I respect and agree with the Catholic Church’s courageous stance against the crime of abortion. I am surprised and disappointed that the premier Catholic college in America should honor the most pro abortion politician ever elected to high office by inviting him to be your commencement speaker and to receive an honorary doctorate. Sir, stand up for your own church and its teachings before it is too late!”