Advent watching and waiting for the Lord’s coming is a reminder that being alert, awake and alive should be our mental and spiritual state at all times. 

We should be watchful and awake and waiting mentally. Never being dull or complacent, never being prejudiced or locked in to a narrow mindedness, never being suspicious or cynical or dull, but always looking for the new ways God is coming to us, and always expecting to be surprised by God.
We should also be watchful and awake and waiting spiritually. Always in a state of alert readiness to hear God’s word and obey. The word ‘obey’ is rooted in the Latin word for ‘listening’ and so the spiritual Advent condition is to be listening like the boy Samuel in the temple, listening like Elijah in the cave at Horeb, listening like the Virgin watching for the Angel Gabriel.
Finally, we should be alert and watchful and awake physically. Make Advent a time of physical austerity and restraint. A time for spiritual training, a time to get ready for the coming of the King of Kings.