liesTake a moment sometime and read the progressive press and study their lies.

Here are twelve techniques they use.

See if you can spot them.

1. They Play the Victim – The devil always plays the victim. Poor devil and his angels. They were cast out of heaven. Boo hoo. It was all a misunderstanding don’t you know? How could God have been so mean, so judgmental, so unkind?

2. They Mask Their Rage with “Sadness” –  Liberals are always “deeply concerned” and “deeply saddened” and “full of sorrow” when something doesn’t go their way. In fact they’re brimming with suppressed rage, but because that would not look good to the people they are lying to they say instead that they are “saddened” or “sorry you feel that way.”

3. They Play the Sentimental Card – Watch out for the way they say that doctrine or immorality don’t matter and “what really matters” is “how much you love someone” or how “compassionate” you are. Almost any kind of wrongdoing is overlooked by pulling on the heartstrings along with the victim game.

4. They manipulate emotions – They have no genuine emotions. Instead emotions are part of their lying game. If you’re angry they play sweet and sad. If you respond with calm rationality they hit you with anger and rage.

5. Everything is relativized by making circumstances and intentions the only guidelines – This is known as situational ethics. There is no right or wrong. There is no objective truth or objectively right or wrong actions. Instead everything is judged by the circumstances and intention. Circumstances: “She was really poor. That’s why she posed nude. So that makes it okay.” Intentions: “Her elderly mother was in so much pain. It was the end of her life anyway. She gave her the injection to put her out of her misery…”

6. They mask their aggression with charm – The devil comes as an angel of light. You don’t really expect that he is going to show himself as he really is–fangs and all do you? No. The lies will always be sugar coated. The liar will always seem smooth, plausible, reasonable and charming. Keep your guard up. The general rule is if you spot someone who is too good to be true. Guess what? He’s too good to be true.

7. They are proud –  They will never laugh at themselves. Never. Continue Reading